March 2017

March Free Classical Concert

"Contrasts: Music of Russian Composers"

Read more about these pieces below.
Open Seating. Tickets not necessary.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 ~ 7:00 pm

Reception following the concert.
1017 N Olive Rd, UA Fred Fox School of Music
Free parking at Park Ave. Garage, Speedway & Park

Concert Program

Prokofiev ~ Overture on Jewish Themes, Op. 34

Glazunov ~ Concerto in Eb for Alto Saxophone and Strings
with saxophonist Zack Brennan
Zack Brennan

Tchaikovsky ~ Symphony No. 6, "Pathétique"
I.    Adagio – Allegro non troppo
II.   Allegro con grazia
III.  Allegro molto vivace
IV.  Finale: Adagio lamentoso – Andante

About the pieces:

Our free concert will open with Prokofiev's Overture on Jewish Themes, originally written for clarinet, string quartet, and piano. Prokofiev wrote it on a trip to the United States. It was premiered in New York City in 1920, with the composer at the piano. Later, he arranged the piece for full orchestra. The work is filled with Jewish melodies, some with a "Klezmer" feel, featuring the clarinet. 

Music Director Herschel Kreloff likes to juxtapose familiar works with pieces that you will likely not know. Zack Brennan is the featured soloist in Concerto in E-flat for Alto Saxophone and Strings by Alexander Glazunov. This work premiered in Sweden in 1934, but its Paris premiere wasn't until after Glazunov's death, so he likely never heard it performed in concert. The saxophone, invented in the 1840s, was still fairly new and unexplored, but Glazunov loved its sound. A famous German saxophonist, Sigurd Raschèr, hounded Glazunov for a saxophone concerto.

After intermission, we will play the beloved Symphony No. 6 - "Pathétique" by Tchaikovsky. You will recognize many of the themes in this symphony, even if you don't think you know the piece, as they abound in movie and television scores. The composer led the first performance in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1893, nine days before his death. He called it "The Passionate Symphony," which was subsequently mistranslated into French as "Pathétique."

Below is our segment that aired on March 7, 2017, just days before our March 11 concert. Dorothy Fitch, COT President, talked about the orchestra and the upcoming concert. Soloist Zack Brennan played excerpts from Glazunov's saxophone concerto, a work featured at that concert.

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