Meet the COT Team

Meet the COT Team

Music Director & Conductor

Charles Bontrager

2019-2020 Board of Directors

President: Wallace Burney
Vice President: Marilyn McNamara
Secretary: Elaine Walter
Megan Asher
Chris Byron
Teresa Finley
Mary Glueck
Chauncey Roach
Sherry Spies

Acting General Manager: Wallace Burney

Personnel Manager: Chauncey Roach

Interim Treasurer: Mary Jennings

Orchestra Librarian: Marilyn McNamara

Stage Managers:
Ethan Beasley
Chris Byron

Historian: Martha Eby

Young Artists’ Competition Chair
Lee Oler

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo Chair

COT Advisory Council
Bob Berry
Robert A. Suomala
In memoriam: Paul H. Matthews (1936–2019)