Our Musicians

Our Musicians

The Civic Orchestra of Tucson is a 75-member, all-volunteer orchestra whose musicians share a common love for performing classical music to southern Arizona audiences. Some are professional musicians or music teachers. Others have various types of jobs, some are students, and some are retired. All members appreciate the opportunity to practice and perform in a symphony orchestra. Visit our Repertoire page to see all the pieces that the orchestra has performed.

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Members of the Civic Orchestra of Tucson

Violin I
Emily Evans *
~ Concertmaster
Marcelina Beltran
Rose Briones
Lani Chapman
Eric DeCair
Michele Holzman
Nora May
Kris Morrison
Brianne Oricchio
Rafael Reyes-Worman

Violin II
Amy Osmun *
Ethan Beasley
Hyun Brown
Wallace Burney
Chris Byron
Teresa Finley
Lori Fitzsimmons
Laurie Fowler
Rebecca Groene
Lee Oler
Sherry Spies
Sarah Wetzel
Bonnie Wolf

Daphne Madson *
Betty Allen
Peggy Anderson
Martha Eby
Constance Haggard
Colleen Johnson

* Principal

Steve Bryan *
Maryann Carpenter
Barbara Lane
Hillary McLeod
Jan McDivitt
Hillary McLeod
Jenna Medlyn
Joanna Miller
Sylvia Payne
Christine Wald-Hopkins

Double Bass
Theresa Christy*
Ethan Klassen
Jamie Matthews
Dave Shurtleff

Fran Moskovitz *
Mary Glueck
Dee Korich

Gabriella Beltran *
Marilyn McNamara

English Horn
Marilyn McNamara

Chauncey Roach *
Deon Hill
Dominic Livigni
Pat Montoya

Barbara Bayless *
Deborah Gurocak

Cassandra Bendickson

William Winkelman *
Steve Ralsten
Mikaela Sammond

Richard Blickenstaff *
Larry Redhouse

Thomas Landon *
Thomas Herrera

Jessica Darling *
Marcus Hawkins
Sara Lynn

Denielle Eliason

Jose Solorzano

Musicians are listed in alphabetical order in each section after the Principal player.