Instrument Petting Zoos

Instrument Petting Zoos

“Thank you for showing my nieces the magic of music!” ~ Denise R.

The Civic Orchestra of Tucson introduced the Musical Instrument Petting Zoo to our community in 1995. The Petting Zoo gives people of all ages a chance to have an up-close look at various orchestral instruments and actually touch and play these instruments under the guidance of orchestra members. Parents have repeatedly expressed delight after seeing their children try out instruments in our petting zoo, and many have inquired into music lessons.

Petting Zoo Goals

  • To provide children (and adults) the opportunity to explore the various families of musical instruments
  • To provide hands-on opportunities to touch, feel, and play string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments

Petting Zoo Outcomes

  • Participants learn to identify the family to which a given instrument belongs.
  • Children learn the proper way to hold and play an orchestral instrument.
  • Adults who have not played an instrument since high school discover that the ability to make beautiful sound from the instrument is still present.
  • Both children and adults often seek further instruction or lessons.
  • Adults often begin practicing their instruments again and participate in local ensembles.

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Donate an Instrument

If you have a musical instrument at home that is no longer being used and would like to donate it to the orchestra, please contact us.